April 8, 2019 @ 9:00 pm – April 9, 2019 @ 12:00 am
The Talent Club
114 Talent Ave
Talent, OR 97540
The Talent Club
(541) 535-2721

Andy Frasco and The UN Live at the Talent Club

Monday April 8th, 2019
Doors: 8pm Show: 9pm

$20 cover at the door


Andy Frasco and the UN live at the Talent Club Monday April 8, 2019

Andy Frasco, a twenty four year old Party Blues musician hailing from Los Angeles, California, is nothing short of an enigma. In 2011 alone, he was the “New Artist to Watch” at Hatch Fest, European Independent Film Festival, Orion Music Festival and Sundance Film Festival.

Within the past 4 years alone, Frasco has trekked over 150,000 miles, performed over 1000 shows, and spanned the country at least 12 times. Frasco’s journey, however, is just beginning. This revolutionary is on a mission to alter the music business as we know it.

Bio courtesy BroadwayWorld.com

From Andy Frasco’s blog:

“Let’s be honest, as we get older, it seems to get harder and harder to stay true to ourselves. We start giving up our independence to join the cattle line right when our peers and elders start ridiculing us. Why is that? Have we become so callous from what life has already thrown our way? Are we scared of failing? Do we have such low self esteem that we just want to be accepted? Or has society brainwashed us that there are strict guidelines to what a “successful” normal life is? To me, normal is merely average. Its like in school when we studied graphs, we always seem to study the average percentile of things…and not the lone percent. Why is that? If were looking at the true potential in people…why do we look at the average? It’s like giving everyone the same name, having them wear the same clothes, listen to the same music and then tell them “Alright, now be individual!” We should be looking at the lone dots in these graphs that are far away from the average. The free spirits.

When I first started my career in music, I always tried to chase the rabbits tale. If the bands wrote songs about being heart broken then I felt I had to write songs about being heart broken. If they wore flannels, grew beards or played a banjo then I thought I had to do that too. I thought I had to act and dress like everybody else to make it in life because that’s what people told me to do. I shot myself in the foot for years just because I was doing what everyone else thought was success and not what I thought was success.

I think we need to reverse the formula of happiness to success.. We need to stop thinking that if we work harder, then we will be more successful. And if we’re more successful THEN we’ll be happy. This is completely backwards. Because with this thinking, every time your brain has a success, you now have just changed your idea of what success means. If you got good grades last year, now you have to get better grades this year. If you made solid money this quarter now you have to make better money next quarter. We are so focused on doing things better and better and stress about “making” it or impressing others that we never really have time to sit back and enjoy the accomplishments we just achieved.”

Andy Frasco and the Un : Afro Manifesto

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